What is ThermiVa?

It is a revolutionary radio frequency device which generates collagen, shrinks labial and vaginal tissue and treats incontinence and orgasmic dysfunction. ThermiVa treats multiple symptoms without surgery, pain or a recovery period!

How can one devise do all this?

It is all in the technology behind how the heat is delivered and controlled. Radio frequency is not new, it has been used to tighten skin for a long time, however, for the vulvar and vaginal region, the specific temperature and depth of delivery is how it achieves such results.

Is ThermiVa Safe?

Yes, ThermiVa is 100% non-surgical. The hand piece used to deliver the heat is a one time use probe, which means no infection. There is no cutting, no burning, no sutures and no pain!

How many ThermiVa treatments are necessary?

Typically our patients can feel and see the effects of ThermiVa after the first session, however, to achieve the best results, three treatments are necessary. Each session takes between 15 and 30 minutes and we schedule them one month apart. Since there is no recovery period, you may resume your normal daily activities immediately, you may even engage in sexual activity the same day.

Is ThermiVa considered Cosmetic or Reconstructive?

Both! ThermiVa enhances the look and feel of the labia majora (shrinks camel toe) and firms up the labia minora (inner vaginal lips). ThermiVa is not the same as surgical labiaplasty, some cases will still require surgery (large / long labia and thick sagging labia majora) can not be treated with ThermiVa with satisfactory results. The outcome of these treatments can be determined during your consultation.

The reconstructive benefits of ThermiVa are: vaginal canal tightness, mild stress incontinence, vaginal dryness, mild prolapse and orgasmic dysfunction.

How much does ThermiVa cost?

The price per session is $1299, if all three treatments are paid for up front, the total cost is $3499. That’s a savings of $400. Surgical vaginal rejuvenation fees average $7500 to $10,000 and have extensive recovery times and surgical risks involved. ThermiVa offers a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation option for women who may not want surgery or are not a candidate for surgery or may want more children.